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Ntokozo Dube

English, Zulu, Xhosa, Swati & Sotho.

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Provincial tour guide

A little bit about Ntokozo

Ntokozo (A.K.A. TK) is a young entrepreneur who was born and raised in Kliptown. He is a driven individual whose career began 10 years ago after volunteering to become a tour guide that showcases his community. It was then that he realized the positive effect that tourism can have on his community.

He soon established TK Tours with the aim of exposing Kliptown's rich history, culture and, most importantly, it's people. Through TK Tours Ntokozo introduces tourists to his community through his walking and cycle tours.

Ntokozo actively mentors youth within Kliptown and encourages them to take advantage of the opportunities, however limited, availed to them. Ntokozo knows first-hand about the opportunities that exposure brings and believes that through tourism more opportunities will be availed for the youth within Kliptown.

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